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Police Training & Conferences
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First Responder Terrorism Awareness Program – Facilitator Course

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: Instructed by R.C.M.P. National Security Enforcement Section (NSES) Training to facilitate the CTIO course through enhanced knowledge regarding the content, as well as focus on instruction strategies and methods. 

Counter Terrorism Information Officer (CTIO)

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: Instructed by R.C.M.P. National Security Enforcement Section (NSES) Training for first responders on identification of potential indicators of terrorist activity

Golden Triangle Conference - Sudden Death Investigation

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Description:  Hosted by Office of the Alberta Chief Medical Examiner, & Edmonton Police Service Conference in which presentations were made by Police, Medical Examiner, and Forensic investigators on a variety of topics and case studies to enhance understanding of sudden death investigations.   

Fracture Examinations Workshop

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: Mr. John Vanderkolk, of Unique Forensics, provided an introduction into the qualitative quantitative source determination of unique impressions, images and objects.  Theory and hands on examinations following the ACE-V methodology studying the repeatable and unique features of broken, torn, separated or cut objects to ascertain if they had once been connected to and a part of each other.  The course provides and enhanced understandings into making a judgement if items had at one time formed a continuous object based on the quality and quantity, levels of clarity and measurements of the repeatable and unique features

Canadian Identification Society (CIS) 39th Annual Education Conference

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Description:  Hosted by Edmonton Police Service, this educational conference is designed to ensure members of the CIS stay up-to-date with issues and trends for forensic specialists, as well as opportunities to expand their knowledge base on a variety of forensic fields of study and technologies.    

Bloodstain Pattern Recognition Course

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Description: Instructed by Cst. Nancy Allen #1899 of the Edmonton Police Service, this 40-hour course provided instruction on history, pattern recognition and the creation of basic bloodstain patterns, bloodstain measurement and area of origin determinations and an introduction to the basic principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.    

ParaDNA Screening & Intelligence System Training

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: This three-day training covered the theory, application, and validation of the ParaDNA screening and intelligence systems, for use by the Calgary Police Service.  This training qualified me to use as well as train others to use the technology.

Analysis of Distortion in Latent Fingerprints

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: This two-day workshop focused on the Analysis phase of the ACE-V process as it pertains to the various factors, with an emphasis on skin deformation, that contribute to distortion of latent fingerprints.  The course required a detailed review and discussion of the following factors and their effects on latent fingerprints: skin conditions; residue (matrix); surface (substrate); development technique; and mechanics of touch. As well there was a detailed review and discussion on analysis of: deposition pressure; wobble; horizontal and vertical shearing stress; torque (rotation); pressure changes during shearing stress or rotation; and combined shearing stress and rotation. 

Expert Witness Course

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: A course taught by Jonathan Hak, Crown Prosecutor, in order to provide knowledge and information regarding curriculum vitae development and maintenance, legal requirements to be declared an expert witness, familiarity with the court experience for expert witness, and questioning techniques used in direct and cross examination of an expert witness. 

Forensic Light Source and Chemical Technique

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: This course provided theoretical and practical experience with chemical techniques and forensic light sources used to locate DNA, fingerprints and other evidence in a variety of crime scene settings. 

Fire and Forensic Identification Course

Location: Trochu, Alberta

Description: This course provided theoretical information and practical experience, from a forensic identification perspective, on how to deal with fire scenes, including approach, note taking, photography, evidence handling & collection, contamination and court.  

Forensic Entomology & Forensic Anthropology

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: This course provided theoretical and practical experience in the area of Forensic Entomology & proper collection techniques, as well as theory in the area of Forensic Anthropology, specifically collection, analysis and interpretation of human skeletal remains at crime scenes  

Forensic Identification Course 

Location: Canadian Police College - Ottawa, ON

Description: This 8 week course consisted of photographic theory combined with practical exercises in relation to crime scene photography, recording and plan drawing. Crime scene examination & trace evidence collection techniques. Fingerprint pattern recognition, friction ridge skin structure, fingerprint development and enhancement, fingerprint photography, ridgeology, quantitative-qualitative friction ridge analysis, fingerprint comparison report writing, fingerprint charts, fingerprint presentation and palm print comparison. During this eight-week course I compared and identified fingerprints in controlled situations for assessment purposes.  I made 116 fingerprint identifications with standard fingerprint cards of 120 suspects (1200 fingerprints).  The scientific principles and experience in physical comparison and matching

Forensic DNA Evidence

Location: Online - Canadian Police Knowledge Network

Description: This course provides police officers involved in the investigation of criminal offences including serious violent crimes, sexual crimes, and other major crimes in which Forensic DNA evidence may be utilized with a comprehensive understanding of the DNA warrant provisions of the Criminal Code, Case law, and evidence collection issues.

Forensic Crime Scenes Unit Secondment

Location: Calgary Police Service

Description: During a two month secondment with the Forensic Crime Scenes Unit, I received training and experience completing the day-to-day duties of a permanent Forensic Crime Scenes Unit constable, including crime scene examination and photography, fingerprint examination, DNA collection and fingerprint identification

Friction Ridge Identification Course

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: This 40-hour course consisted of basic theory in the areas listed below: History of friction ridge identification, Methodology of friction ridge identification, embryology, Court testimony and legal challenges, Palm print identification. During this one week course I compared and identified fingerprints in controlled situations for assessment purposes.  I made 30 fingerprint identifications with standard fingerprint cards of 50 suspects (500 fingerprints).

Assistant Crime Scene Examiner 

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Description: This 40-hour course covered the theory behind friction ridge pattern interpretation, comparison and identification, as well as crime scene approach and exhibit handling. This course consisted of theoretical and practical exercises in photography and fingerprint development.

Collecting DNA Samples

Location: CFB Borden, Ontario

Description: This course provided information and skills necessary to qualify according to Section 487.05(2)(b)(i) CC or Section 487.056(3) CC as amended by the DNA Identification Act, as a peace officer able by virtue of training to collect samples for the purpose of DNA analysis.

Intoxilyzer 400D Calibrator & 5000c Technician Course

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Description: This 80 hour course provided training and experience in the scientific theory behind the intoxilyzer instruments, calibration of the Intoxilyzer 400D instrument, procedures required for use of Intoxilyzer 5000C as a technician and all related documentation. 

Victims Services Coordinator Course

Alberta Solicitor General

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Description: This 40 hour course focused on the provision of victims services within a police organization. 

Collision Investigation - Level 2 Course

Location: Cold Lake, Alberta

Description: This 40 hour course taught techniques used to document and investigate as well as practical experience relating to the reconstruction and investigation of vehicle collisions. 

Canada Customs Clearance Qualification

Location: Cold Lake, Alberta

Description: This training session was provided by the Canada Border Services Agency, and provided a qualification for me to provide customs clearance to any military personnel who were returning from outside Canada.  

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